Where we work

Our network focuses on unreached people groups and places in Asia – those with few or no local Christians, churches, and Bibles. Our members work in areas where it is uncommon for traditional mission identities to be accepted.

On the ground, there are 5 key criteria we use when evaluating people groups in any given region.


  1. In-group Impact of the Church – We prioritize people groups among which no mature church already exists.
  2. Out-group Impact of the Church – We prioritize people groups that are isolated from the outreach vision of other viable churches.
  3. Language Distinctives – We prioritize people groups whose first language is unique and therefore isolates them linguistically from the Gospel message.
  4. Multilingualism – We prioritize those people groups that do not currently have the Gospel available to them in any of the languages in which they are proficient.
  5. Ethnolinguistic Vitality – We prioritize people groups that demonstrate that their language has high vitality and will continue to be used from generation to generation.