Connect is a cross-cultural ministry training program. It equips believers to communicate the Gospel clearly across cultures and teaches them how to be effective in discipleship and in planting churches that grow on to maturity.

In partnership with the local church, participants complete an online curriculum, attend our regular workshops, connect with a mission-minded community and are given opportunity to develop mentor relationships with experienced cross-cultural workers and those who can help them in their journey.

Recommended by pastors, church planters and students

Connect allowed a young man from our church to remain in the church while doing the curriculum online. It allowed him to interact with the trainers at workshops and retreats, but also allowed me as his Pastor to meet with him regularly and ensure that he was applying “here", what he was learning and would be using "over there". The scope of the curriculum equips them with the skills they will need to face the difficult challenges of cross-cultural church planting work in a variety of different and hugely challenging contexts. They will interact with people who have had church planting experience in a variety of places around the world and have translated and taught the Bible in a way that maximises opportunity for clear communication of the most important story that will ever get to share.

Ray Galea

A few years ago our Church commissioned cross-cultural workers who were trained by CrossView. At the outset, our Church leadership met with the CrossView to learn how to care for, and support, our young workers. From there a Home Care Team was formed and empowered as a ministry in the life of our Church to provide practical, pastoral and prayerful support for them. We still have ongoing contact with, and encouragement from, the CrossView staff, but we are now confident in our role as the primary carers. Not only are our young workers receiving vital support, but as a Church we have a deep sense of engagement in the mission and we have been blessed by "holding the rope" for them. We love the "partnership with the local church" distinctive of CrossView, and commend it to others.

Wayne SmithChair, Norwest Anglican Mission Committee

I am delighted to commend the Connect program. I have witnessed the distinct advantages that Connect offers. First, it helps people to walk in partnership with both their local church and Connect to work out their next steps for serving Christ. Second, the training resources reflect the best practice and theology in terms of preparing people to serve Christ in his world. Finally, the focus on growing people as disciples of Jesus across the program is of critical importance. I have had the privilege of spending time with Connect participants and have been greatly encouraged by their wisdom, courage and godliness.

James HarricksSenior Pastor, St Matthias Church Centennial Park

We have a number of our members currently doing the Connect program as they explore whether the Lord might be leading them to mission fields overseas or to remain as serving members of the church in lay capacities. Either way this is an excellent discipling program that would equip them to be more useful to the Lord. The people behind Connect and their resources are biblically trustworthy and rich with practical wisdom gained in the field. I warmly commend Connect to all who are exploring mission as a calling.

C.S. TangPastor, Cornerstone Prebsyterian

Connect is a great program. We have loved the discipleship nature of the program along with content that is Biblical, explanatory, engaging and challenging. Connect has helped establish a culture of evangelism and missiology within our Church. Participants have matured in their walk with Christ and in their concern to share the Gospel with others. As a Church we confidently recommend and endorse the Connect program. Use it and don’t miss out.

Keith HendersonPastor, Kingsridge Baptist Church

The Connect training program stands out from other cross-cultural training courses in that it not only allows, but actually encourages and utilises the local church to be a vital part of the training process. The connection between service and training in the local community and church as preparation towards cross-cultural mission is integrated so that the participants are already actively involved in living out their learning in practical ways right where they are before engaging with a new cultural context. This style of discipleship training allows for wider opportunities to grow in experience and confidence in a familiar local and well supported setting so that the participants are better equipped to take on the challenges presented in other foreign cross culture environments.

Tim KirkegardPastor, West Pennant Hills Community Church

We love what's going on here. We recommend it to everyone we come in contact with. The program is based on really solid biblical principles, but also on solid practical principles that have been seen to actually work. They produce churches that are led by elders who are driven by the authority of God's word, and then see that passion on out to neighbouring communities. These materials are trusted because they incorporate the practical experience of experts in each field. They're pulling from their experience of planting churches that have deep discipleship in mind, not just evangelism.

Bill & Kelley HousleyChurch Planters of 15 years, Papua New Guinea

I'm so grateful to the Lord for all He's teaching me about Himself and His plans through the Connect materials. I thoroughly enjoy sitting down with each new tutorial, anticipating what I will learn and how my outlook on the world will be challenged, stretched and moulded to be more in line with His. It's a privilege to be able to learn from the depth of experience underpinning these resources, and I'm so encouraged by their crystal clarity on God's purposes and the role He's graciously given to us to work alongside Him. Connect is fantastic and I'm loving every bit of it!

Emily LConnect Participant

Different starting points

You may have already joined an agency, started in Bible college, or you’re not sure what you want to do in ministry except “go cross-culturally” – the Connect program can help you develop goals, strategies and the practical skills required to move forward.

Providing training in: Foundational Bible Teaching | Culture and Language Acquisition | Literacy Development | Bible Translation | Church Planting & Evaluation

The program

Not your usual program

This is not a “cookie-cutter course”. It’s a practical, adaptable and learner driven discipleship program – without a time frame – so it’ll suit many life situations. Much like everything in life, what you put in is what you get out. We provide the opportunities for growth, it’s up to you to take the steps.

The program

The task of the Great Commission was given to the church. Our team works alongside your local church and leadership to best equip you for a future of effective and sustained cross-cultural ministry.

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