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What is an Explore trip?

EXPLORE is an opportunity for you to engage with The Great Commission and how that applies practically to your life. It will help you answer the question, “what would it take to cross borders and barriers to effectively communicate God’s love to people in another culture and language group?”

Being exposed to the challenges and realities of cross-cultural ministry is also an early step you can take to answering the question whether you might GO or STAY. Whether to GO overseas long-term or STAY and continue to be a global follower of Christ, reaching out cross-culturally in your own city or town.

We had such a fantastic time on our Explore trip. We enjoyed experiencing the other cultures and were challenged that so many places are still without the Gospel.

KartikaMinistry Apprentice

I had a great time with the Explore team. So cool to see what the Lord is doing and consider how I can be involved!

PhilSchool Teacher

Upcoming Trips

Explore Trips have limited spaces. Contact us about whether the trip is a good fit for you.

May 2020
Thailand and Indonesia

The Program

EXPLORE is a 12-day Exposure Trip journeying through Thailand and Indonesian Java & Bali. We will let the Book of Acts guide us as we consider what it takes for the gospel to spread across 4 Worldviews, 3 Major Religions and 2 Nations. One Team – One Epic Journey.

You’ll be confronted by Grand Mosques and Majestic Temples causing us, as a team, to consider the obstacles to the spread of the gospel. Then you’ll stay with a previously Unreached People Group and witness how those obstacles were overcome and a community was transformed by God’s Word.

Join us on our next EXPLORE.

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